Thursday, May 29, 2008


Welcome to the Mission Cultural Center
International VIDEOFEST 2008

MCCLA's Video Fest is proud to be celebrating its fifth consecutive year.
The title and theme for Video Fest 2008 is Existence-Co-Existence. Video Fest 08 will focus on people's existence and their surroundings, the relationships that develop between human beings and nature, community, family and social surroundings. Existence-Co-Existence encourages submissions of videos with themes related to ecology, sustainability, community development and social and/or family stories.

Video Fest 2008 Categories:
Documentary (not longer than 60 minutes)
Short Fiction (not longer than 20 minuter)
Youth Video* (must be 18 years old or younger / not longer than 10 minutes)
Video del Barrio / Neighborhood Video / From or about a Neighborhood (not longer than 20 minutes)
Experimental (not longer than 20 minutes)

We will not accept videos created before 2004.

1rst prize: $ 1,000
2nd prize: $ 500
3rd prize: $ 300 for Youth Video
There will be a juror specialized in film and video for the video selection.

DEADLINE for submitting videos: 9/11/08

Selected videos and winners will be announced by September 23
Festival dates: October 17 and 18 at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Theater
For more information and complete guidelines and entry form please visit:

VideoFest is associate with other Video Festivals in the world:
Festival La Noche de Los Cortos, Peru
International Latino Film Festival in Sydney

Adrian Arias, VF producer
Sebastian Davila MCCLA Events coordinator
Sabina Nieto, Multimedia Dpt. assistant

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Video Fest 2008/2009 Committee Guidelines

We are looking to form a strong working committee that can commit to work on both Video Fest 2008 and Video Fest 2009.

Committee members cannot submit their own videos for Video Fest 08/09.
Committee members are not the jurors for the contest.
The title and theme for Video Fest 2008 is Existence-Co-Existence, committee members will be part of the discussion for the title and theme for Video Fest 2009.

Committee members are expected to:
- Attend all meetings (first Wednesday of each month, first meeting will be in July 2nd at 6pm)
- Have contacts in video communities to help bring a broader selection of videos to the contest.
- Have contacts in communities interested in video to help bring a larger audience to the festival.
- Help find donations to be used as prizes.
- Help advertise the festival.

If you are interested in being a Video Fest 2008/2009 committee member please download and fill out the Video Fest 2008/2009 Committee Member Application and submit it by June 13, 2008. You can send these applications to Sebastian Davila at, fax 415 6480933 or mail it to MCCLA 2868 Mission Street. San Francisco. CA 94110

Please forward, If you know somebody that might be interested.

Download the complete form at:

Thank You

Sebastián Dávila
Events and Media Coordinator

Adrian Arias
VideoFest producer