Tuesday, October 30, 2007

VideoFest 2007 Oct 27 MCCLA Theatre show and ceremony

Miguel de La Barra Gomez, winner of the VideoFest 2007 and images from his movie "Los Gigantes, Alcibiades y el bosque de Piedras"

Reception with the winners at the MCCLA lobby and theatre
in the picture Anna Fitch and Javier Amaro, MCCLA board director and friends of the VF

Video installation "Hope" by Susana Aragon, Carolina Stankiewich and Voitek Szymkiewich

Jennie Rodriguez, MCCLA director, Won-Tae Seo with Miki de La Barra and volunteers...

video-installation by Dennis Maxwell

Singer, composer, activist Meklit Hadero

Video poema Flamenco by La Tania,
images by Adrian Arias

The ceremony award: Jannet Nuñez Best Dramatic Short "Torn Together"

Silvia Parra talks about Best video activist "We don´t play golf here..." by Saul Landau, the Roxie Award

Maria Medina Serafin, Master of Ceremonies with Pepe Ozan, sculptor and filmmaker, part of the VF committee and jury this year, with Michael Street, Best Super Short "Suicide" receiving the prize designed by Pepe Ozan.

Miki de La Barra, Best of the VideoFest 2007 "Los Gigantes, ALcibialdes y el bosque de piedras"

Thanks to all our filmmakers, MCCLA Staff, VF committee and volunteers !!!!!!!


MCCLA VideoFest 2007 at the Roxie, Friday October 26...

Video-installation "The mind eating rat" by Dennis Maxwell

in the picture: Dennis Maxwell, videoartist, Sabina Nieto, MCCLA Multimedia dpt and artist, Adrian Arias, Axel Herrera, musician, Marla Leech,selected with "Cigarra Capoeirista" and friends of Capoeira...

Inside the Roxie...

Saul Landau winner of the Roxie Award with "We don´t play golf here and other stories of globalization"

Maica Folch selected by "El Hotel de Ninguna Parte", Anna Fitch, best documentary "man made:The Bra" and Adrian Arias, VF producer

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

VIDEOFEST PROGRAM Friday October 26-ROXIE & Saturday October 27-MCCLA

$ 6 students & seniors
$ 8 general

“Man Made: the Bra”. presented by the filmmaker Anna Fitch.
50 min. Best Documentary
“The Hotel From No Where”. Maica Folch. 14 min.
“Resisti Sempre”. Sharah Nieto, 2:19 min.
“Sin Pronóstico” (“Without Forecast”) by Baldeón & Ayala, 5min. Best Short
“M((o))rning” by Won-Tae Seo, 3:50 min. Best Experimental
“Bámbula”. Judith Rondon. 14:25 min.
“Mission on My Mind”. Victoria Glordana. 1:30 min.
“Los Gigantes, Alcibiades y el Bosque de Piedras”
(“The Giants, Alcibiades and the Forest of Stones”)
Miguel de la Barra Gomez. 14:30 min. Best of the VideoFest Award

“We Don't Play Golf Here! And Other Stories of Globalization”
presented by filmmaker Saul Landau. 33 min. Roxie Award
“The Little Thumb”. Alberto Roblest. 6:20 min.
“Life Forces”. Nathan Collett. 4 min.
“Suicide”. Michael Street. 2 min. Best Super Short
“Torn Together”. Jannet Nunez. 12:50. Best Dramatic Fiction
“Cigarra Capoeirista”. Marla Leech. 26 min.
“Glass Snail Eyes”. Alfred Hernandez. 7 min.
“Los Gigantes, Alcibiades y el Bosque de Piedras”
Miguel de la Barra. 14:30 min. Best of the VideoFest Award

Sábado 27 de Octubre a las 7pm:
$ 6 students & seniors
$ 8 general

AWARD CEREMONY & special guests:

6:30 pm doors open
In the Lobby, video installations by
Susana Aragon (Peru), Carolina Stankiewich (Argentina)
Voitek Szymkiewicz, Dennis Maxwell (Chile)
7 pm, Theatre, Special Guests and performers:
music and songs by Meklit Hadero –Ethiopia-
Video-Flamenco Dance by La Tania –Spain-
7:30pm, Ceremony Award with the winners
8pm: Videos:

-Best of the VideoFest Award (Peru) “Los Gigantes, Alcibiades y el Bosque
de Piedras”, presented by filmmaker Miguel de la Barra Gomez
-Best Experimental (Korea-US) “M((o))rning”. Won-Tae Seo
-Best Dramatic Fiction (SF) “Torn Together”. Jannet Nunez
-Roxie Award (US-Mexico) “We Don't Play Golf Here!...”. Saul Landau
-Best Short (Peru) “Sin Pronóstico” (“Without Forecast”). Baldeón & Ayala
-Best Super Short (Oakland) “Suicide”. Michael Street
-Best Documentary (SF) “Man Made: the Bra”. Anna Fitch

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

THE WINNERS ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Best of the VideoFest / Mejor del VideoFest 2007
Los Gigantes, Alcibiades, y el Bosque de Piedras. Miguel de la Barra
Gomez. 14:30 min
winner of $1000 and sculpture by Pepe Ozan

Best Documentary / Mejor Documental
Man Made: the Bra. Anna Fitch. 50 min
winner of $300 and sculpture by Pepe Ozan

Best Experimental Video / Mejor Video Experimental
M((o))rning. Won-Tae Seo. 3:50 min
winner of $300 and sculpture by Pepe Ozan

Best Narrative / Mejor Narativa
Torn Together. Jannet Nunez. 12:50 min
winner of $300 and sculpture by Pepe Ozan

Best Short / Mejor Corto
Sin Pronóstico. Jorge Baldeón & Ricard Ayala. 5:04 min
winner of $300 and sculpture by Pepe Ozan

Best Super Short / Mejor Super Corto
Suicida. Michael Street. 2 min
winner of $300 and sculpture by Pepe Ozan

Special Prize ROXIE Award, for the best video activist
We Don't Play Golf Here! And Other Stories of Globalization
Saul Landau. 33 min
winner of $300 and Roxie Award Diploma

Jury Selected Films
Mission on My Mind. Victoria Glordana. 1:30 min
Bámbula. Judith Rondon. 14:25 min
Glass Snail Eyes. Alfred Hernandez. 7 min
Resisti Sempre. Sharah Nieto. 2:19 min
Fuerzas de la Vida. Nathan Collett. 4 min
The Little Thumb. Alberto Roblest. 6:20 min
Cigarra Capoeirista. Marla Leech. 26 min

Multimedia Dpt. selected film:
El Hotel de ninguna parte, el regreso, Maica Folch, 14 min

Nina Serrano, filmmaker, screenwriter, poet, MCCLA Founder
Pepe Ozan, filmmaker and sculptor, winner of the Best of Video Fest 2004
Carolina Stankiewich, filmmaker, winner of the Best Video del Barrio 2005
Carlos Marulanda, filmmaker, winner of the best short 2006
Susana Aragón, visual artist
Sabina Nieto, multimedia artist

Special Thanks to the MCCLA Staff,
Jennie Rodriguez, Executive Director
Will pappin, Building manager & Technician
José Arredondo, Facilities
and volunteers
Jesselyn Hernández and Tania Leullieux